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Hunt Argentina - Big Game Hunting

While the bird hunting in Argentina gets a lot of international attention, big game hunters know that Argentina is also the place for MONSTER Red Stag, 100-inch Buffalo and a huge assortment of exotic species like Axis Deer and Indian Black Buck.  In addition to our main hunting area in Santa Fe, hunters can also collect the free-range native species of Argentina such as Capybara, Brown Brocket Deer, Collared Peccary and White Lipped Peccary in the wild area of Chaco.  Between the Santa Fe and Chaco province, Hunt Argentina & Marcelo Sodiro own two ranches and have access to over 1.000.000 hectares of prime hunting grounds.

The terrain is flat but varied, with rivers, lagoons, swampy areas, farmland as well as bush land.


- Hunt Argentina's 15 Big Game Species

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- Over 1,000,000 Hectares of Argentina's Best Hunting Grounds

- Hunt Argentina with SCI International PH of the Year Award Winner, Marcelo Sodiro

- Year-Round Big Game & Bird Hunting Opportunities

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