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Hunt Argentina - South American Adventure Safaris

Hunt Argentina - Birds & Big Game from One Incredible Lodge

Often described as a hunter’s paradise, our Santa Fe operation offers top-quality big game hunting and extraordinary wingshooting all from the same lodge. No compromises here – this is a true FOUR-FEATHER LODGE and the BIG GAME HUNTING is world-renowned. Imagine hunting ducks in the morning and puma or red stag in the afternoon! With an extensive trophy list and nearby access to four species of birds - DUCKS, DOVE, PIGEON & PERDIZ - the possibilities are endless. Hunt Argentina with host, Marcelo Sadiro - a former winner of the prestigious SCI International Professional Hunter of the Year award. His uncanny knack for providing clients with exemplary experiences has won him praise from several Weatherby Award winners and thousands of hunting enthusiasts since 1988.

Hunting Area

Hunt Argentina - Santa Fe Hunting Area

Hunt Argentina - Bird Hunting


Dove Hunting -- All year round

Pigeon Hunting -- All year round

Duck Hunting -- May through early August

Perdiz Hunting -- May through early August


Hunt Argentina - Big Game Hunting


Red Stag -- March trough 31st July

Fallow Buck -- March trough 31st July

Brown Brocket Deer -- March trough 31st July

Collared Peccary -- March trough 31st July

White Lipped Peccary -- March trough 31st July

Mouflon (Bronze) -- All year round

Capibara -- March trough 31st July

Feral Hog -- All year round

Wild Board -- All year round

Blackbuck -- All year round

Axis Deer -- All year round

Feral Goat -- All year round

Four Horn Ram -- All year round

Water Buffalo -- All year round

Feral Ram -- All year round

Puma -- Currently unavailable

Hunt Argentina & South American Adventure Safaris operates from our main luxury lodge located near the small town of San Cristobal in Argentina's Santa Fe province.  For over 20 years, our hunters have enjoyed exclusive rights to Santa Fe's best hunting areas.  Typically our hunters fly into Buenos Aires and then take the short commercial flight to Santa Fe where they are greeted by our lodge staff and chauffuered to our lodge. Land transfers from Buenos Aires can also be arranged.

SCI International Professional Hunter of the Year - 2004

Hunting has been part of my life, from my very early age. I spent my childhood surrounded by safari stories, books on hunting, guns, photographs and black-and-white movies depicting exotic places and wild game. This was the world in which José, my father, played the leading role. He encouraged me to get to know it, to travel through it until I knew with certainty that I shared his passion for hunting. This passion was as true and strong at that moment as it is today.


I had the great opportunity to hunt all over the continents. Moreover, I had the good fortune to be able to start from scratch, becoming acquainted with each and every aspect of the activity.


More than two decades ago, driven by experience and passion, my father José and I set up a company which offers big game and bird shooting safaris in Argentina as well as other South American countries.


Since 1988 South American Adventure Safaris has become a leading hunting company in Argentina, enjoying a world-renowned reputation. SAAS is a company designed and managed by men who have chosen hunting not only as their job but also as their lifestyle.


Marcelo Sodiro

President, South American Adventure Safaris              

SCI Outstanding International Professional Hunter of the Year - 2004

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"My hunt with South American Adventure Safaris was one of the most enjoyable and most successful hunts I've had in my entire career. The camps are great, the staff is superb, and the game was fantastic! I honestly didn't know there was any place in the world where big game hunting and bird shooting of equally outstanding quality could be conducted. Donna and I will look forward to hunting with South American Adventure Safaris again!" 


Sincerely, Craig Boddington

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