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Wingshooting References


Mr. Soeren Rassmussen (Denmark)  - [email protected]

“I did indeed have some fantastic days at the ranch. Again, thanks VERY much for the fantastic service provided by you, Gustavo and the rest of your great team.”


Mr. Joachim Moltke (Denmark)  - [email protected]

“First let me thank you for you have given me some experiences which I will never forget. Then I would like to give a complaint for the trip was so successful that I was so in love with the country and hunting experiences you gave me that I could not stay away too long! Marcelo my father and I am grateful for the hospitality your wife and you showed.

it was like being on visits and not as a business. then let me say a thousand thanks for the wonderful hunting we had together hunting the black buck. pigeons is something I still dream about. Overall, you gave us a fantastic trip and I want to thank you for. will definitely come back.”


Mr. Frederick Reynolds (USA)  - [email protected]

“Dear Marcelo: I am so fortunate that we found you. As a bird hunter who travels frequently, a trip to Argentina has been something on my wish list for many years. My fellow hunters had experienced your hospitality and hunts previously, making the choice to visit you, easy. The facilities, food, and hunts were nothing short of fabulous. The ability to have the option to dove, pigeon, duck, and perdiz hunt all from the same location made things logistically very comfortable for us. The entire staff, from bird boys to girls in the kitchen, were extremely professional. This trip certainly exceeded my expectations. Until I see you again on a return trip, Thank You”


Mr. Steve Rann (USA)  - [email protected]

“Laura and I made it back to the States in good shape. Had a couple of very enjoyable days in BA, weather was prefect. I wanted to take this time to tell you what an amazing experinece we had. Having been in the hunting business for many years, I can tell you that the your operation and the bird shooting is one of a kind. Your staff are very professional. The lodge and food was exceptional. I have relayed our comments to Audra as well. I look forward to coming back to hunt many times in the future.”


Mr. Randy Orzalli (USA)  - [email protected]

"When my shooting partner put a blister patch on his trigger finger at noon on the first day, we knew we were in the right place. My expectations for my first trip hunting with South American Adventures were very high and still fell short of the actual experience. If you simply pick a category: service, food, accommodations, and, oh yeah, number of birds, SA met and exceeded my vision for each one. The variety of shooting opportunities was, for me, particularly important. Doves, pigeons, ducks, and an anti-social quail called the partridge provided a fascinating array of opportunities. We look forward to our next visit to South American Adventures."


Mr. Gary Netzer (USA)  - [email protected]

"We enjoyed our trip to Argentina and Brazil and appreciate the scheduling you did on our behalf. Buenos Aires was great and the Tango night was terrific. The hunting camp, food, wine and staff were first rate and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit. Please give my regards to Marcelo and staff."


Mr. Doug and Mrs. Michelle Harris (USA)  - [email protected]

"Marcelo: I just wanted to thank you for the amazing hunt we had this past July. The total consideration shown to us was beyond compare. Doug was impressed that a new area was hunted every day, allowing for extreme chance and variety. Hunter had an incredible time. Sometimes we are a bit wary taking a young child to hunt in different places around the world, not being sure what the reception will be for him. Your staff showed him the most amazing time. They allowed him the benefit of the doubt before seeing him hunt, and after becoming aware of his ability, they treated him as a true hunter, not just a child playing at it. That meant so much to me. The food was delicious and the accommodations wonderful. Thank you again for providing such a place to build memories as a family."


Mr. Bob Higgings (USA)  - [email protected]

"Marcelo: I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Hunting, the people at South American Adventures, the accommodations and meeting you and your Father. The entire experience was wonderful and one that I shall never forget. I did take care of Martin, who by the way was great. I asked Enrique to tell him how much I appreciated his hard work for me. I wish that I could have conveyed that to him myself but if I could request that you make sure he received that message I would appreciate it. I really need to work on the language so that when I come back to visit you I can communicate better. Thanks again and look forward to seeing you again someday."


Mr. Steve & Krista Verbarendse (USA)  - [email protected]

"Marcelo: We wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful hunting trip to you ranch in April/May. It was a great experience. Your people were very professional and enjoyable to spend time with. I really appreciated all of the effort that they put in trying to find the buffalo that I wounded. If it turns up, I would still love to have the mount. Please thank your father for the personal tour through his museum and thank you for the wonderful "seafood" lunch. It was very generous of you and the perfect ending to our trip”


Mr. William Bowden (USA )  - [email protected]

“Hi Marcelo, I can't thank you enough for the great hunting and overall hospitality. Your entire team of guides, bird boys, cooks, cleaners, etc.were above and beyond. Alex and his wife were wonderful!!! I look forward to seeing you in Reno in January. Thanks again for a wonderful experience!!!!"


Mr. Tom Bade (USA)  - [email protected]

"We have settled back at home and want to thank you, Marcello and his whole crew for a great time.....unbelievable sums it up. Greg and I had a wonderful time and the memories and great hunting will be remembered for a life time....Thanks!"


Mr. James Driggs (USA)  - [email protected]

"I just wanted to drop you a line about our recent wonderful trip to Marcelo Sodiro’s South American Adventure Safaris hunting operation and lodge in Argentina. From the proactive organized pre-trip communication of e-mails by Marcelo’s staff and the arrival transport with help coordinating sightseeing, dinner and tango show around Buenos Aires, we had a blast even before the hunt at the lodge started! The four day hunt and stay at the lodge were excellent and far exceeded any hunt I had previously attended with any outfitter with quality of the lodge, food, staff and abundance of game rated as excellent. My father is a hard man to make smile or very few times has said he has had a good time. On this trip to South American Adventure Safaris, he did both"


Mr. Scott Grange (USA)  - [email protected]

“We are all home safe from our wonderful trip. Thank you so much for all you and your staff did to make our experience most memorable. I am looking forward to my next hunt with S. A. A. S”


Big Game References


Mr. John Searles (USA)  - [email protected]

“ After over a hundred,or so, non-resident/international hunts since 1961[including 24 African safaris] our experience gives us a considerable insight as to what the standards of expectations should be.Marcelo...exceeded EVERY element to be measured ! From our late arrival at "La Primavera"[midnigft !] his staff quickly delivered a sumptuous four course meal,and the first of MANY bottles of his delightful red wine that followed our subsequent meals...mmmmm! The following ten days were the stuff of dreams for Sandy and me ! "


Mr. Ted Fowler (USA)  - [email protected]

“Along with the comments you have heard from our group, we had a fantastic time. You have a very professional operation. You provide great hospitality with a great staff and excellent hunting. It was a special treat for all of us to get to see you and your father´s museum with all trophies from around the world. It´s really exceptional. We´re looking forward to returning to hunt ducks, doves and pigeon. Once again, it was a great experience”


Mr. Torben Slot (Denmark)  - [email protected]

“Thanks to the people on the farm for an unforgetable stay. :)"


Mr. Craig Boddington (USA)  - [email protected]

"My hunt with South American Adventure Safaris was one of the most enjoyable and most successful hunts I've had in my entire career. The camps are great, the staff is superb, and the game was fantastic! I honestly didn't know there was any place in the world where big game hunting and bird shooting of equally outstanding quality could be conducted. Donna and I will look forward to hunting with South American Adventure Safaris again!"


Mr. Steve Verbarendse (USA)  - [email protected]

“We wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful hunting trip to you ranch in April/May. It was a great experience. Your people were very professional and enjoyable to spend time with. I really appreciated all of the effort that they put in trying to find the buffalo that I wounded. Please thank your father for the personal tour through his museum and thank you for the wonderful "seafood" lunch. It was very generous of you and the perfect ending to our trip ”


Mr. Russell Jeter (USA)  - [email protected]

“I wanted to Thank Marcelo and all of the crew for a great trip!! We got home safely and all is well except I miss my afternoon Siesta and shooting every day. That was a very nice touch to get to visit the museum and have a very nice lunch on our way out of town. My regards to Jose also ”


Mr. Peter Ryan (New Zealand)  - [email protected]

“Just a brief note to say thank you for all your efforts in making my trip work. It was greatly appreciated. It was a great pleasure for me to meet

Marcelo and José”


Mr. Johnny Nielsen ( DENMARK)  - [email protected]

“Hello Argentina. Thank you for a great time on your hunting Area, Tommy and me have taken around 100 hunting trips together round on different place in the world and this on was on of the best so thank you again.

Kind Regards Lise & Johnny Nielsen”


Van Bethancourt (USA)  - [email protected]

"Beautiful country and hunting areas, fantastic facilities and accomodations, warm friendly people and abundant game make a big game hunt or wingshoot with Jose and Marcelo Sodiro an experience to remember forever."

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